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Backboard, Chair or Car Lumbar Support (with strap)

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What it can do for you

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The Backboard™ is a simple, adjustable lumbar support that helps improve posture and restore the natural curve of the spine when seated.

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Research has found that we now spend on average 13 hours a day sitting, whether that be at our desks, in our cars or on the couch.

The problem with sitting for long periods of time is that you naturally begin to slump in your chair, pushing out the natural curve in your lower back and putting strain on the back muscles.

Adopting a correct sitting posture is the simplest solution to reducing these postural stresses and strains. The key is to prevent your lower back from slumping or sagging outwards and this is where the Backboard™ can help. 

Used to help correct postural imbalances, the Backboard™ simply slides into the back of your chair, supporting the natural inward curve.

As it pushes your pelvis forward, this helps to put the correct curvature in your spine, encouraging you to sit upright in the correct position and improve your seated posture.

There are a wide variety of lumbar supports on the market today, in all shapes and sizes. This is because everyone has different requirements depending on the shape of their lumbar curve.

Back products must fit your unique anatomy, so some people will need a deeper support while others will need a shallower support.

This is what makes the Backboard™ so unique.

As it can be bent into any position, it can be specifically tailored to fit the curvature of your back. 

By applying light pressure, the Backboard™ can be bent to the desired shape and reformed as often as needed and as it retains its form it's ideal for use whenever and wherever you need the support.
It's universal for all chairs and comes with a seat retainer strap meaning you can use it on an office chair, in the car, on the couch or in the garden.
The Backboard™ was developed in conjunction with Harley Street specialists, the London Spine Clinic, a centre of excellence for all spinal care. They recommend using the Backboard™ whenever you are seated to minimise the load on your back and stop prolonged stresses from sitting in a slumped position.